I welcome all to this little temple of our ancestors art named " Kolam".


  •  Kolams are a symbol of auspiciousness.  It is Hindu belief that the geometrical patterns & designs applied with rice flour at the entrance to a  home, invites Goddess lakshmi into the household, and drives away the evil spirits. 
  • Also, the reason for using rice flour is that we are providing food for the ants & other small insects. 
  • In these days finely ground white stone powder is used, for this is easier to apply & also the kolams are more brighter & well finished.  Even if ground stone powder is used, one could mix rice flour in it. 
  • In places, where there is a great gathering of people & movement, rice paste made by mixing rice flour with little water is used to apply kolams.  This is to ensure that the kolams are not rubbed off easily.  This is especially applied in temples & wedding halls. 
  • Traditionally, the women wash the path in front of the house.   (Cowdung is used to clean up the ground, though this practise is no longer in vogue in the cities, mainly because cowdung is not easily available & most entrance path are now laid in cement or tiles.)  Finely ground rice powder is then used to apply kolams.  This practice is followed in the evenings also.  

The various benefits of this ancient art is

  • Devotional, spiritual
  • Art of life
  • good habits inculcated in to the human society
  • and much more .............

Our Mission is simple::

          To spread the ancient art and to provide knowlege to our coming generations in this fast moving and growing world.