Pulli Kolam.


  • Pulli (dots) are arranged in a specific sequence and order & these pullis are joined to make pictorial designs.
  • In pulli kolams, there is an another type - forming of twisted chains by linking one loop with the next & forming wonderful designs with the basic pattern.
  • This is called Chuzhi kolam. That is explained laterin a separate link.
  • Plates, Boxes are available with tzhe designs etched as tiny holes. 
  • When these are filled with kolam powder & tapped on the ground, you have a lovely kolam. 
  • Rollers are also availabe.  The rollers are filled with kolam powder & rolled/dragged to create lines, and with a little imagination a kolam of your choice can be executed.
  • These are kolams which are drawn daily by the common women allover india.
  • These kolams are drawn by keeping dots. by connecting the dots they create birds, animals, various designs, butterflies, deer etc.,
  •  These kolams look beautiful and are drawn according to ones creativity and dreams.

The few are the pulli kolam (Dot kolam) designs for ur view:




Deers drawn by joining dots



Chittu Kuruvi


Tiles design

Chettinad tiles design



Peacock design